Help with settings for Ender 3 S1 PRO with laser module 5w

Hi, I just got my laser module for the Ender 3 S1 Pro. Every thing works great with the Creality Print app and the printer engraves normally.

But I decided to try LightBurn. As it is a more robust app. The problem is that no settings I put gives me a normal engraving.

If I use marlin as firmware, Everything works, besides the laser. It homes, frame. Everything related to movement works. But no matter how I setup, it only shows a faint laser that does not vary or engraves. One situation was using M03/M05 the laser worked, but with 100% power it berelly engraved.

The other setup was using GRBL, where movement works only for the engraving moments. No frame, no homing. The other problem is with the power of the laser, that appears to be locked at 100% all the time. Including movements not supposed to engrave (I came from 3d print, it is called travelling, not sure the nomencalture for engraving). It even engraves a line from 0x0 to the start of the engraving.

Also trying to make it work with the Soni Pad, that puts klipper for the printer (and engraver), but I believe the engraver keeps a normal marlin aproach to the movements.

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