Help with Shortening Tail on Font

I am working on a sign and my wife would like the tail on the front and back side a little shorter with changing the size of the letter. In my mind I am thinking of cutting a section out of the middle of the tail and then reattaching the ends. I do not have a specific measurement as I will need to adjust as I go for figuring the size. It seems to me there should be a way to do it, but I cannot figure it out. I have tried editing the nodes, but when I delete a point, the whole thing goes away. Below is the font in question.

You need to turn the text into just lines. So if you haven’t, select the text, then click Arrange, then “Break Apart.” Then click Edit and “Auto-join selected shapes”. Now it’s just lines/vectors and you can edit nodes and delete, rebuild as you wish.

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@RalphU your explanations deserves to be put in LB wiki page :wink:

Thank you both for two different ways of skinning this cat! For me, @RalphU’s solution seems to have worked the easiest.

Thank you though, it is best to have options.


Node editing is a VERY useful skill to have, no matter what CNC tool you’re using…

@RalphU I finally got back to this project. I was waiting to get my desktop set up so I could use a big monitor and proper mouse. After placing the two lines about 1" apart on the font (the whole phrase is 16"x80") and hit T after putting the curser between the lines, I am finding whole sections are disappearing well outside the line. On the little curly part I am trying to shorten on the top of the left side one the whole line is gone. The bottom, the parts I want to edit are disappearing properly. Any idea what I might be doing wrong?

Ok, you are probably going to think I am nuts, but it seems to be working now. Convert to path is grayed out, so I do not have that option. All I did between when I was messing with it earlier today and now was restart the computer. Something must have reset

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