Help with wabble/distortion lines on all my lasers - need Troubleshooting

Hi, The image will show what I am talking about.

My version is at least a year or more old… not near the software right now. This has been an issue through several renewals up to and including that last update I did.

When I try to cut shapes, a lot of times I get these distortion/wabble in the cut. This is using the rectangle or circle shape right in Lightburn.

This happens on ALL my lasers (Full Spectrum, K40 and 15W Diode. The image included is for the Full Spectrum and the Diode. Since all the lasers have different boards, motors and etc, I am thinking it is the software. Did I change a master setting and not realize it.

How do I reset the program to defaults and start fresh? I did search and deleted the perfs.ini and the other one .old. But my machine setups were still showing in the program on relaunch and nothing changed when I did more test cuts.

As an aside, I have alignment issues when I engrave… (can’t use bi-directional for example) but that is another story. I only mention it because maybe my issue/s are related.

Basically I can’t really do any cutting since I can’t trust the outcomes and have not figured out the common thread for distortion.

Any help is greatly appreciated, Em

PS. Full Spectrum and K40 have Smoothie and the 15W is grbl if that info is needed.

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