Help with Z steps per pass setting?

I recently installed a z axis motor on my laser and before I did so, for thicker materials I would manually adjust the z height and then run another pass.

I see that I can now set my line to two or more passes and then use the “z step per pass” setting to adjust the z height.

But my math-impaired brain needs help with figuring out what this setting should be.

I understand that “in” refers to not inches but cutting “in” to the material.

I cannot enter a value here of more than .3937

My step length value for the z axis in controller settings is .399999 and I’ve calibrated it so that it’s moving at the correct distance.

What if I wanted the Z axis to move 3mm toward the laser head on the second pass? Can someone give me an example of what I should enter here?


OK, just to follow up – this is embarrassing.
I had read in another post that “in” meant in to the materials.
However, what I was looking on my screen did mean inches!
I set it to mm. Works perfectly.

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