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Hello Everyone. I’m fairly new to Lightburn and lasers. That being said, we have used Lightburn on simpler projects without any issues. We are attempting to burn an image on a tumbler that has caused great pain… HAHA. I’ve attached a screen shot of the issue. We have attempted to use Boolean function without any luck.

I need the handle of the sword along with the bottom to not be burned.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


First select the background shape, then select the foreground shape, then Tools->Boolean Difference.

If that doesn’t work upload the file here and someone can take a look. There might be something in the design that’s preventing it from working.

Thank you for the help! I’ve attempted with no luck or I’m not doing something correctly.

I’ve attached the file.

patch for blog.lbrn2 (103.1 KB)

I’m not quite sure if that’s what you want.

Hello, I’m looking to not burn the sword and the bottom right anchor part. The blue area needs to be burned. I’ve attached a pic of the finished tumbler to help.

Thank you!

Got a chance to take a look. I think what threw it off was that it wasn’t a simple single operation. Nearly but not there. Notice that there’s a outline around the top and bottom portions of the inner symbol.

I’ve annotated the steps in-file to reproduce but essentially:

  1. take an outset of the inner symbol
  2. boolean union or weld outset shape to outer shape
  3. change the original inner shape and new unioned shape as fill layer if not already done

Attached file so you can review step-by-step.
patch for blog with annotations.lbrn2 (152.7 KB)

FYI, it may be easier if you turn off “show” for the purple layer as it gets in the way.

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You’re awesome! that’s what I was looking for! I won’t even tell you how much time I spent trying to figure that out!! Thank you again!

You’re welcome. Learn and pay it forward.

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