Helps contour and engrave with CO2 laser


We are a group in Spain of more than 20 people, we have mounted a CO2 laser and mine, is the first that is working. We have installed Duet2D Maestro and we are looking for a software that generates a Gcodec fully compatible with Duet and the laser.

We have already acquired some LightBurn, but we are not having good results, we do not know if the culprit is the adjustment of the Duet or is the Software, because with a K40 Laser and a very low quality board, I was getting better results with K40 Wisperer.

Maybe we have to make some adjustments.

Google Photos

Google Photos

Could you make some recommendations?

I would be willing to collaborate with you in making the tests you say, to reach an optimal result. Also, if we succeed, we will get more people in this group to buy LightBrun.

Thank you very much.

PS: I’m sorry, but I don’t know English and I use the Google translator.

It seems that nobody knows why any of this can happen …

Thank you.

Can you post your layer settings window for the project you’re running here? The one that looks like this:

Thank you very much for your help.

I pass you my screen

So he is engraving on wood, with less power, but the pattern of the lines is not straight. I do not know if it’s normal.

They are two 50 x 10 mm rectangles

Are your settings similar? A line interval of 0.050 seems very small, and 508 lines per inch seems very high. I’m not familiar with the laser you have though, so I could be wrong.

Maybe try changing them to half of that, setting your lines per inch (lineas/pulgada) to 250 and see if that makes a difference.

LightBurn can save the GCode to a file if you want to open and read it - If you are just filling shapes, the GCode commands emitted will be for straight lines. If the output is wavy, you likely have a physical issue with the machine (loose lens or mirror holder, loose axis or wheel bearing, or something similar).

I wasn’t sure what the two pictures were, or what the bad results were that you were trying to indicate.

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