🔥 HERE IS THE REASON why you invested in Lightburn and not a cloud base software to run your laser

Thank you @LightBurn for having the vision to forsee this before it happened. GlowForge cloud base days are numbered. Maybe they can reach out to you to license Lightburn and save the poor souls who bought a GlowForge for having their machines turn into bricks overnight.


I am sorry to see Glowforge failing but after a one day trial of the under powered and cheaply made Aura machine (returned it to seller) I can understand why. Creative people want solid working tools that enable their creativity not hinder or limit it. They want to work on their creation not the tools that they use. LightBurn and your Laser cutter lets you design and bring to life just about anything your creative mind can dream up. And it dont need to be connected to the cloud to work. I dont know if it is possible for LightBurn to run the Glowforge machine with only a local connection but it would be a very smart move on their part to make that happen.

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This is the exact reason I will never have anything to do with the so called “cloud”. I’ve said it before and Ill say it again, There’s no such thing as “the cloud”. You’re always on someone else’s computer and they have ultimate control of your files.
Ok, I’ll get off my soapbox now.


Glowforge has already promised to make the basic software available to users should the company ever fail. They did that seven or eight years ago, I think, before ever reaching production. That doesn’t mean it will ever happen.

To my mind, LB should stay far away from Glowforge. Even if LB could somehow manage to create a way to support a Glowforge device, the laser itself will fail sooner or later and much of the hardware is proprietary, perhaps custom, and next to impossible to obtain on the open market. Consequently there would probably be a short window of opportunity to sell LB to GF owners.

Sounds like something a politician would say to get elected or in this case a company would say to get you to let go of your hard earned money if you have any doubts… and we all know what happens when politicians make promises. Their promises only benefit themselves NEVER their constituents.