Hex-Keys an Isomorphic music keyboard

This is my first Lightburn project. Lightburn made the project possible, I don’t think I could have done this in Inkscape.

Hex Keys is an Isomorphic MIDI keyboard with a USB device interface. There is a lot of wiring up to do especially wiring the 100 + key Matrix. The case and keys were cut on a Laser Cutter and the electronics built on strip board. Published in The MagPi Magazine #108 August 2021, (free PDF download) or paper copy in the shops.

With an Isomorphic keyboard the pattern of notes to play any chord is the same for any key, making it much easier to learn.

Part 1 shows the construction, with Part 2 (next month) showing the full working system.
Video at


Nice work :slightly_smiling_face: