HI, impossible to make space in text editing

i can’t use the space in editing text even with the software update…

Can you explain more or post a picture

Looks more like a computer problem than a LB problem, no?
Have you tried:

  • To restart LB?
  • To restart the computer? (a bit overkill, but sometime it solves some temporary hardware issues.)
  • Does space work in other softwares?
  • Copy a space in another software (starting with this browser) and pasting it where needed? (Tedious but might help in checking the problem, and might be a workaround.)(Even simpler: just paste the full sentence, of course!)

I just created text, “test”, then made it “te st”. Clicked on the pointer, got selection markers. Then I double-clicked the text and was able to remove the space.
If this does not work foe you you might have a PC problem.

Many thank’s
i have made all your recommendations and it 's stil thee same

HI, thank’s, the spacebar is working in other software

Did you try to do what I did in my posting above?

Thanck’s, yes , no change

Upload your Lightburn file that is showing this behavior. I will see if it does the same for me.

What keyboard configuration do you use? English/French/German/Japanese/etc.
I see you are on a Mac, it might be significant too.

hi, I tried. It’s working on os 10.13.6 but I can’t print on it even it have 2 usb port, then a send to Mac bookpro(13.6.1 OS) for burning, I’m searching, I have to reinstall the system on my Mac bookpro.

hi, thanks nothing

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