Hi, Is there a "pipe line" where we can suggest software improvements?

If the numbers of layers in a new version can be augmented, it would be a good thing.

At the top of the forum page is a link for “Feature Suggestions”. I think the one you’re asking about has been suggested previously.

The number of layers is set due to limits in hardware. What are you wanting to produce that additional layers would assist you with? Not trying to be snarky or anything, we genuinely would like to know. :slight_smile:

The combination of Cut Layers, Tools Layers (non-cutting), and the ‘Power Scale’ options, which can be applied to a single shape or group(s) of objects, provide significant control over the design, placement, cut planning / optimization of cut sequencing, and production processes. But we are always open to understanding the complex workflow needs of our customers, so please share. :slight_smile:

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