Hi Pressure Air Assist 'Extension' Nozzle

Looking for nozzle “extension” for my focal lenses that are 2"+ FL, yet I cannot find anything for my 80w co2.

Hovering 2" or more over the cut is not ideal for High Pressure setup.


Nozzle extension? You mean a new lens tube to position the lens / nozzle properly?

I can adjust/slide the nozzle all the way down to the material or move the bed up. But my lense is in the nozzle so that’s not going to do me any good. I still need the lense to be the correct FL from the material.

I need a nozzle that keeps the lense at the same height but is longer to put the nozzle really close to the material to get all the benefits from the High Pressure setup.

Correct. Sounds like you have an engraving setup with a major tip to work gap. Also sounds like your lens tube does not have the ability to put the lens in different locations. They do make lens tube extensions to go between tube and nozzle for different focal lengths. All depends on the actual lens tube setup you have and what diameter it is. I know Cloudray and LightObject sell them.

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The problem is where the lens is mounted in the tube. Many upgrade the machine to handle a different size lens tube or a head assembly that will let you use something like a C series lens tube.

I use the C series tubes. The lens tubes has the lens above the nozzle, so you can change the nozzle.

The left is for cutting, the right for engraving.


The tubes have three positions in the tube and the tube can be inverted to give you another option.

About 20:30 into the video on upgrading the K40 shows how the system works.

Good luck


Ditto on the C series. I got lucky, the original units were made 10mm longer than necessary. If I could get one, I could mount a 5" at the very top of the lens tube.

I use the standard No3 nozzle, didn’t think of the low profile. That would let you change the tip to work difference, but you don’t need the gap for engraving. I can engrave just fine with my close cutting setup. It’s the flip side that is near impossible. That large gap makes good air assist down into the cut impossible. Add to that the restricted air fitting and wimpy ‘built in compressor’ they ship out and you are at a rough 40% disadvantage cutting with that configuration. Been there, done that, have the spare parts bin to prove it.

I had a small 10 gallon compressor I used for a while. It was so loud you couldn’t hear yourself. I purchased one of the 20 gallon ultra quiet from California Air. It’s been great, but the auto ‘drain’ for the water scares the crap out of my dog when it cycles…


I ran hard lines, had everything ready to go this morning for the CNC Router and the metioned Laser so I had a lot of links in the chain to go bad so I killed the power to the AC went to bed. This morning I set down at the work bench and all of a sudden the auto drain kicked on I about spilt my coffee and for about 10 seconds I’m like wth is leaking after all night!? :roll_eyes::face_with_monocle::person_facepalming::joy:

LOL on the water drain. For me, it wasn’t the compressor as much as the tank size. When my big 120 gallon shop compressor died, I had to come up with something quick. Picked up a 6 gallon, and it worked but was constantly cycling. eventually it ate itself. Picked up a 21 gallon in another brand, virtually identical compressor specs, and it’s been running just fine. If I had realized it was the tank capacity that was a problem, I could have connected some old propane tanks to increase my capacity.

There’s a lot of things I’d done differently, if I had only known…