Hi um busy engraving a photo on wood and it always comes out gr8

Im working on light burn and i have lines on my photo is there any way i can get the lines out any gcode…

Tha last photo is how it should look with know lines

Thanks for advise

They appear to be the same distance apart. Have you checked for anything it could ‘bump’ over.

Usually this is not diagonal…


Do you see those diagonal lines in the ‘Preview’ window? You may need to zoom in while looking. I notice the lines stop at some point and do not continue through the scan. Does this happen in the same locations when you run it again? Share a bit more about any testing you have tried, to help us “see” what you are observing, and we can go from there. :slight_smile:

Also, worth checking to ensure smooth motion of all hardware components in every direction.

Thank you ill look at it.