Hiding Shapes that are assigned under a single layer (or group of layers)

I have a quick question. Is there any possible way to hide objects/shapes within LightBurn? i.e. If I create multiple shapes within a single page that are too large to burn at the same time, but I want the option to pan the selection as needed and cut out a subset of the shapes, while hiding the others… is this possible?

As a simple example, I present the image below. There are only two layers created, but multiple shapes within the file contain both layers. I understand I could simply apply more (redundant) layers and turn output ON/OFF as needed, or could even create multiple files. I’m trying to see if there is a less Tedious way to accomplish what I am planning.


You can’t hide individual shapes, no. However, if what you want is to be able to selectively send things to the laser, select what you want, click the ‘Cut Selected Graphics’ toggle in the Laser window, and possibly the ‘Use Selection Origin’ toggle, then preview / start / send.

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