High Resolution Laser Heads

The Beam Buddy high resolution laser head is a replacement head for you laser. It allows you to engrave at a much higher quality than the stock laser head that came with your laser.

Its design makes the laser beam more focused into a smaller focal spot than the standard laser head, which makes the engraving result more detailed. It is suitable for engraving high precision photos and also a good performance on 3D engraving. Besides, because of the very small laser dot with high energy density, testing has shown that it can actually cut substrates up to 3mm in thickness at approximately twice the speed as a standard 2" lens system.

For more information go to https://hub.beambuddy.xyz/shop/

What does this head look like @Grumpy_Old_Man? What results can one expect? Got Pix? Comparisons? :wink:

is it the lense used or the laserhead that makes the difference?

It is a combination of the 2. The system uses a compound lens system (2 lenses) that makes the beam size much smaller allowing for a smaller dot.

Will add some pics and comparisons shortly. Here is a pic of the head.


I’m quite interested in seeing the results. Does it require a special mount or would it make an easy replacement to most laser machines? Or is this just for K40’s…

It is an easy fit to 90% of the lasers out there. Here are some pics of photos done with the HR head.

Pic1 pic2

The dot size is 0.03mm, so that works out to 800 dpi without dot overlap. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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@Grumpy_Old_Man what is the CO2 wattage of the beam on the laser when it outputs a dot size of 0.03 mm?


That test was done with an 80W CO2 DC excited Glass laser tube.

Thank you for replying @Grumpy_Old_Man.

What I was curious about and still am curious about is the % power used in that 80 watt CO2 tube.


About 15% power or 5mA

12 watts that’s great.

Thank you @Grumpy_Old_Man

Thanks for the samples, that looks fantastic. I have a chinese machine from Ten High, wondering if that would work. I’ll do some more research. Thanks again.

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