High Speed Engraving

Has anyone produced high-speed photo engraving with LB. I am struggling to get good quality output on our machines, despite being able to achieve good results via LaserCAD.

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Can you be a bit more specific?

  • Settings you’re using, DPI, interval, etc?
  • Are you using comparable settings in both software packages?
  • Can you show a photo you’ve engraved in LaserCAD and the same from LightBurn to show what’s different?

Apologies, some settings would most probably help!

I run this in LaserCAD at 1200mm/sec 25% power 1800PPI with a 0.06mm scan gap. There is no pre-ignition on the laser.

The same settings in LB using dither seem to produce a moire pattern on the engraving with heavy pixel blurring.

Is this image dithered outside of LightBurn? If so, did you enable pass-through?

No, this was imported directly using the dither mode function.



Can you also tell me the settings used in LaserCad? When running the image there was it just using settings available in LaserCad or processed externally? Any details you can give will help.

Hi Oz, settings were 1200mm/sec at 25% power (1800 PPI) 0.06mm scan gap. I did not use any external dithering or image manipulation on this occasion.

Is it possible to dither and image in LB with a predefined dot size?

Also did PPI for raster ever get added?

Just having real trouble trying to get anywhere near the quality I can achieve with LaserCAD. Sorry :blush:

Can you send me a file that you’ve processed through LaserCAD, both as a LaserCAD project, and output to a UD5 file so I can have a look at the structure? When I asked what settings you used I was expecting more of a screen shot of the scan settings, not 3 numbers. :slight_smile: You didn’t indicate, for example, if it was dithered, grayscale, threshold, or something else, or what format the source image was.

Dithering an image in LightBurn uses the DPI or interval you set as the dot size.
PPI has not been added yet for rastering.

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