Highest Resolution, 48MP camera supported?

Having a larger bed 3ft x 4ft I am troubles with the lower resolution usb cameras. I would like to be able to scan directly from products on the bed which is not possible due to the edge quality.

I would like to know if it anyone has tried either of the following and what their experiences are:

“hayear 34mp usb camera” it has a panasonic CMOS with 1.335um with possible max resolution of 6800x5100 (not sure if you can get that from usb/hdmi output)

“hayear 48mp usb camera” it has panasonic CMOS with 1.43um with possible max resolution of 4608x3456

Lots of options using the Sony IMX477 CMOS which has 1.55um and max resolution of 4056x3040

Each of these use a standard CS mount lens which would be excelent choice for anyone willing to put funds toward excelent results.
If anyone has tried these out I would be extremely thankful to hear your input.

If nobody has I would be interested in working with OZ or other staff to make sure it can be supported.
My perspective is that if LB can captalize on the CMOS + CS lens options available in the RaspberryPi/Arduino market or CCTV market it would be very useful to many users.

Many Thanks and Merry Christmas.

As long as they’re standard USB cameras that support UVC, they should work. If you get one and it doesn’t, post a link to the one you get and I’ll purchase and try it.

I will probably purchase one after Christmas and will update the forum when I test.
For a handful of us, paying through the nose for a superior camera is well worth the cost.

One possible additional feature under camera that I would suggest is to look into if scanning can be done by color. This would be a fantastic tool for those doing logo work or scanning from object with clear color boundaries that do not work well in B&W.
My wife is a programmer and in light discussion with her it sounds like it might be a pain, depending on how your software variables are set up, what you collect,etc. So feel free to toss my suggestion into the pile of “hard to implement ideas” from dopes who have an engineering background.

Do you mean tracing? The trace engine currently only accepts 1-bit data, but it’s possible for us to capture the camera image in color (already supported - you can toggle this in the settings). We could feasibly allow images in color to be traced from a given channel (r/g/b) instead of grey - not impossible, but it would take some effort.

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