Hight adjustment

I have a laser table with two buttons one up one down so my question is how to make them auto using z axis.

You would need to replace the motor on the Z axis with a stepper motor, and then connect it to the controller using an external stepper driver, provided that your controller is capable of controlling the Z axis. It is not a simple thing to do.

You will also find that once you begin using roughly the same materials, you only move your bed a few mm to compensate for material deviance. If you plan on working with a wide variety of materials on a regular basis it might be worth the change, but it better be on a VERY regular basis you change material thickness.

Per @Grumpy_Old_Man and you would also need to add a home switch so that the table’s Z could be calibrated each time you started up. The Z Stepper motor would probably need an external driver since the power would probably exceed any of the small drivers commonly found on controller boards.

Thank you for your insights.
I think that I will stick to manually operating the bed.

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I had auto focus tunnel vision when I first got my machine. Took me about two months to realize the only time I moved it more than a few mm was getting my Z axis parallel. Even then I was moving the bed a good 150mm when I only had around 80mm adjustment in my lens tube. The difference between my honeycomb and rails only adds another 50mm in.

I asked in Current TopWisdom development status - #9 by TomKeddie about z-axis support on Topwisdom controllers, seems like it’s not in lightburn yet for the TL-403, not sure about others.