longer have a preview thumbnail of lightburn files after new hard drive install and Full Windows install

I can’t seem to figure this out. Had to install a new hard drive as my old one kicked. Also had to reinstall LB and did the latest update…somewhere in all of this I no longer have a thumbnail preview of any LB files. I even tried opening them up and resaving them…nope.
This is a big bummer as I have to be able to preview them…any ideas…gotta be something simple I am missing.
Whats weird is the preview works on any thumbnail that was saved on a seagate backup USB drive prior to the new drive and windows install…but not on the exact same files if they are on the actual C drive. I took the same lightburn folder and copied it to the seagate F drive USB…I can now see the preview thumbnail but not the exact same folder on the C drive…this has to be obvious for someone to explain…I think. Isn’t a light burn issue obviously now…
Ohhhh I hate windows sometimes.

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