Home Built - with cnc shield v3 controller

Hello, I have a machine that I have built myself, with a cnc shield v3 controller and a sculpfun s9 laser.
It also gives me the error:
G-code motion target exceeds machine travel

Will need a bit more information to help you with this.

  1. When does this occur? Provide as much context as possible please.
  2. Do you have limit switches on the machine? Are you homing before operating?
  3. Can you provide a screenshot of Device Settings
  4. Can you provide a full screenshot of LightBurn main screen?
  5. Can you run these commands in Console window? Then copy/paste text here please.





















































Target buffer size found


the machine has limit switches enabled, with the lasergrbl program running without problems.
When I start lightburn the laser goes home

Thank you. A few more things please.

  1. To which corner does your machine home?
  2. Do your jogging controls work in the right direction? If not, which ones are incorrect?

You have an offset configured. Was this deliberate? This is most likely the cause of the issue but need some more information to confirm.
4. Can you home the laser and then run this command:

  1. Jog the laser to opposite corner from home and then run again:

first, jogging controls work in the right direction.
if I have an offset configured, I don’t know
comand ? en home


And at the other end:



Okay. Let’s try to get this all in one go.

First, take a backup of your machine settings just in case we need to go back.

Run each command in Console:

  1. Let’s fix your working size. I assume that the 505,505 size that you defined in Device Settings is correct. If not, please let me know.
  1. Let’s fix your offset
G10 L2 P1 X-505 Y-505
  1. Let’s turn on your hard limits
  1. We need to change the status reporting to report working coordinates, not machine coordinates

After running all the commands power cycle the laser. After homing check ?. Check again at opposite corner. Report back please.







Okay. Test your laser out. Does it work as expected?

ok it works
Thanks a lot!!!

Hola, me pasa algo similar con mi sculpfun s10