Home Hotkey Button?

Hello, does anyone knows what the “Home” button hotkey is?

I found tons of hotkeys, but I cannot find the homing key anywhere. Thanks!

I think that is g+h

Hello, I don’t think it’s the combination of G+H. At least nothing happens when I press it

That is what it shows for the keyboard shortcuts…

I did some looking and testing and didn’t see one for Homing.

Here’s the link to the docs and the Printable HotKey Guide.

So there is not Homing shortcut key? That’s very odd, considering there is a hotkey for almost everything but the homing is something I’m using almost every 4 minutes

I don’t see it anywhere and I have asked internally for confirmation in case I missed it.

We can confirm there is currently no keyboard shortcut for the Home function.

That’s beyond weird for such a basic and frequently used function. Hope this gets fixed soon.

LightBurn has a feature request site.
Please upvote here:


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