Home made rotary

I have a Preneex 60w Blue China Laser with a Ruida controller.

I made my own homemade chuck style rotary. I bought this motor from Amazon to run the rotary High Torque Nema 23 CNC Stepper Motor 114mm 425oz.in/3Nm CNC Mill Lathe Router. Also have cogged belts and pulley. Used a roll pin thru the pulley instead of set screws. I did alot of test burns to get the correct Pulses per rotation. I burned 1 in squares till it was 1 x 1 on the radius of the cardboard tube.

I not sure what setting I need to change to fix this problem. I can’t get it to do a nice clean burn. It looks like it skips a line. My other Rotary setups work just fine. I am wondering if my chuck is just to heavy and may need to fill it full of holes to lighten it up.

2020-11-10 19 LightBurn 0.9.17

you fitted the pulleys incorrectly, the small one belongs on the motor, the big one on the shaft.
so your translation is way too high, you need a small one.

Thank you Andres That was the problem. I am off to the races now.

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