Home position for 2 different lasers

I have 2 lasers.
One has the home position top left the other one top right.

When I design something and save it for one machine… and then open it for the other machine everything is mirrored.
Is this expected behavior?
Not too annoying but something I need to be aware of all the time.

this is just me thinking out loud, one machine X value grows positively when head moves right, the other X value grows positively when head moves left, so it only makes sense this is a mirror effect. just select all and mirror on Y axis.

I think…

Oh no… I know the solution. As I said not s biggie. Just curious if this is how it intended to work?

I don’t know how things works under the hood but if the origin is saved as part of the project and then opened in a different device which its origin is in a different corner, then it only makes sense to be asked how would we like to open the project. I might be talking nonsense. just thinking out loud.

I just created more devices with origin in different locations and switching between those does the trick for me.

Then I assume it is ‘as designed’:slight_smile:
Didn’t think of adding another device… good thinking!

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