Homing but not framing

brand new user. I just added limit switches to my cnc2-5040 500 mmw diode laser. Grbl 1.1 woodpecker v3.4 controller and LightBurn 9.22. I can get it to home properly buy when I go to frame my project it runs to hit the right rear hard limit. even after I home it and manually move the head to the front left it will still just run strait to the rear.

OK figured out im in negative space so i was able to fix that with G10 L2 P1 X-500 y-400. It homes is in the right rear. but when i put in the code G0 X0 Y0 it moves to the front left till it hits the switches and that is where my origin is . No matter what size i change my bed size to. same thing happens when i go to frame my project

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