Homing Cycle Mini GRBL

I have a MINI Grbl and the homing seems to have changed - wondering if anyone can hit me with some suggestions.

It homes the Y axis, and the X axis moves, but when it hits the Y axis, both stop before the X is hit. Any ideas what could be the issue? I did resolver some of the connections could I have muddled them up? If so, which is the likely culprit?

Seriously, no one able to offer any input on this one?

Hi Adam
Not sure what a “Mini” Grbl is but I am assuming you are running the standard Grbl firmware 1.1h.
My machine does this sometimes too. If it hits the X limit first all is fine, but if it hits Y first sometimes X will stop too. And it is only sometimes. If I hit “home” again it behaves properly. Or if I move the axis manually to make sure it will hit X first it is fine.

The homing routine is handled by Grbl not LB. I have not delved to deep into trying to figure this out yet but it is on my list. New machine , long list.
Here are some of the things I have noticed.
It only seems to do it on the first homing cycle of the session all after the first seem to work fine.
I have turned off " home at startup" thinking that something was not fully awake yet. But it still does it, sometimes.
So for now, I am homing twice.
Let me know if you figure it out, I will do the same.


Hi Scott, thanks so much for the reply.

My issue seems to be the opposite way round - the initial homing cycle is fine, but after a job it just hits the one axis and stops. Ill do some playing with the GRBL and see what the issue could be.

The X and X end stop connectors were in the wrong place - I did some emergency soldering at 1am to get some orders out before Christmas and it seems I literally got my wires crossed. Unsolder, resolver. Job done.

Hope this helps someone in future

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