Homing cycle stopped

After a burn and going to try another I got that code “Homing cycle is not enabled in your Grbl settings.” Think I fixed that with $22 but another issue popped up. The frame portion goes right to top right corner when settings for origin etc haven’t ben touched. It literally goes to the position and bangs againts the corner because it is being stopped. wth?

Funny it just started this?

Did you change anything in the $ numbers?

Enabling $22 says the machine has limit switches. Does it?

“$22 Homing Cycle Requires limit switches be installed. Enabling this will lock out all gCode commands until (Enable/Disable) a “Homing” cycle is run.”

If it did and was working properly (configured) it wouldn’t ‘bang’ against the other side.

If it has limit switches, and normally homes, then it’s more than likely a limit switch, connector or wiring… hardware.

I’m suspicious that if it did home originally you wouldn’t have to change $22 it would have been already set properly.


Thanks. After doing a burn I went to do another then is started to not home. DID NOT change a thing found the $22 command on the net to see wth and it worked. Unfortunately, the frame button action sent the laser to the top right corner until it hit the frame rails.

Anyway, don’t know what happened but the gremlins left and it started to work again.

It did a homing cycle when it powers up?

What value did you assign $22?

If $22 was set to zero, it probably didn’t have limit switches. If it was 1 then it expects limit switches to be present. Changing it should have had a visual effect no withstanding. So NOT TOUCHING anything seems implausible implying you have an intermittent hardware issue.


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