Homing driving me mad please help

Hi, i have GBRL 1.1 on a 3018 and i have added limit switches to all axis.
It homes to top right and then if i get position it shows 0,0 but all my movements are then negatives.
I inverted the homes and now it homes bottom left but get position shows -300,-180 and to solve my problem i would like to zero these as at the moment i have to home and then switch off so the gbrl resets to 0,0…please help doing my head in

Common GRBL/GCode Setups - LightBurn Software Documentation

Welcome to the Lightburn forum! You are going to be amazed by the level of support by users here.

Read thru this thread, paying special attention to the parts about home left-front and statements about G10. Home front-left puts the machine workspace in the +X+Y quadrant. This is needed by Lightburn. I believe you can set $10=2 to get it to report work position rather than machine position.

I am guessing you have a Sainsmart 3018 machine. I too have one, Y-extended to 3040, and I restored it back to CNC use. A Sculpfun S30 Pro took its place.

Thanks Guys you are jems, created a macro button called home with
G10 L2 P1 X-300 Y-180

an all working as expected, will improve and use the other buttons to set Z height for differently material thickness as i have a fixed focus laser. now to play more

Glad that got you going! The G10 command is persistent, meaning you only need to do it once. Normally. Now try the Home button (little house) in the Move or Laser windows. Hopefully, you can use the macro button for something else.

yes your right Mikey many thanks again

It should now home without macro.
I put pushbutton switch on my laser as it has Z function and macro. So, I can now just push the probe Z and I’m done.

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