Homing enabled issue with my sculpfun 90w laser

I have purchased a CNC Sculpfun 90w laser for cutting but it keeps telling me that I am not enabled for home in GRBL system. When I go to GRBL settings it indicates that homing is enabled. What am I doing wrong?

You probably have Lightburn set to home it. I think they are in the Device settings. I don’t believe that machine homes. If not you will get an error if you attempt to command it to ‘home’

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The Sculpfun S9 doesn’t have a homing function unless you modify it and install homing microswitches.
No homing can be a benefit or a bane, without it Lightburn can treat wherever the laser is parked as home. On the other hand, you don’t have a reference point for repeatability.
I have seen some people have made a small ‘L’ shaped bracket to fix to the waste board or frame, you can then push the laser head manually into this, as a reference point, before you start a job.

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