Homing failed error message alarm 9

I got an Omtech B-light 10W diode laser and have been using it daily, until today. When I turned it in and went to home it, it made this horrible grinding like noise that would not stop. I had to turn it off and start over. But it’s continuing to do the same thing. The message Lightburn is showing is ALARM 9. I went into my machine settings and double checked the size of my work space and it said 400 x 400. I know that’s what Omtech says but I decided to change it to be 390 x 390 just in case. I’m still getting the same alarm. I took a photo and here is the photo to hopefully give more information.

This may be a good place to start troubleshooting your error codes

perhaps ypu can post all your machine settings here for review
type: $$ into the console and post the results back here

Please elaborate on the exact condition of the machine when makes bad noises. Does this only happen while homing the machine ? Is it hitting the end stop or just grinding in place ? Have you checked all your electrical connections to limit switches ? Please provide as much detail as you can.

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