Homing Failed...how to adjust setting

When I turn on my Atomstack 5A Pro, the laser moves to a corner (lower left) and “rams” into it for 4-10 seconds. Although I am a Newbie, I feel this is not a good thing. The message that comes up states “HOMING FAILED, COULD NOT FIND LIMIT SWITCH WITHIN SEARCH DISTANCE”. Please advise, and remember, I know between very little and nothing about how to get to settings, what they should be, and how to adjust them. THANK YOU VERY MUCH>

A cursory google search doesn’t show that your machine has limit switches at all, which means that that “collision” is it waiting on something that isn’t there. You’re absolutely right that that’s not an intended behavior.

Some lasers do have limit switches, allowing for reliably and automatically finding the “edge” of the laser’s working area.

In your “Device Settings” you can turn off the homing sequence. To open that, click “Edit” in LightBurn, then “Device Settings”, near the bottom.


Mind you, LightBurn won’t know where the “head” of your laser is after this, so you’ll likely want to read up on how the “origin” modes work here.

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