Homing GRBL laser

I have a Universal Engraver. I’m running the trial version of Lightburn. When I try to run the laser I get a laser out of bounds error. How do I set my left, right, upper, and lower bounds?

It’s nice to have a link or something so we can tell what machine you have.

  1. Does it home?
  2. If so, which corner is home?
  3. Read the Lightburn Documentation on grbl setup
  4. Lightburn Documentation on the job origin and coordinate system.

That should get you going…


Thank you. I got it home, but I have to return it to home before I turn it off; otherwise it will not reset properly. I can’t got it to home on startup.

This doesn’t make sense…

It should home on a power up, reset or via a home command from Lightburn…

Please elaborate, exactly the steps and where it fails…