Homing offset goes in wrong direction. Cannot invert!

Hello! I am swapping a ruida on an old full spectrum. Wiring swap was super easy but I’m having a hard time with the limit switches, which are the mechanical type.

After the machine homes it does the small 10mm pt so jump to disengage the switches. Problem is, it jumps FURTHER into the switches instead away from them. I figured I just needed to invert polarity in the ruida software but this does not solve it. In fact there are no software settings that will make it jump in the opposite direction. It does this for both the x and y axis. Curiously I also tried setting the homing offset and it moves both the x and y axis in the wrong direction. It’s as if it thinks my home is in the bottom left, even though I have all settings for the top right, and the sensors are in the top right.

Like I said before, I’ve tried to change the stepper polarities and it will successfully make the motors turn the opposite way, but when they hit the sensors, it still tries to offset into the fat back right corner.

Should I try inverting the stepper via the wiring? Is there any other way?

It’s probably homing in the wrong corner.

This has got to be something configurable in the Ruida, but I’m not sure where to look.

I don’t see anything that you could modify. Generally I thought they just went the ‘other’ direction… Obviously this is a bad assumption.

Once the machine boots, can you control both axes from the machine panel?


Changing the combinations between limiter direction, motor polarity, and panel direction all affect it differently. I currently have it so it will hop in the right direction, but my left and right buttons on the panel are backwards. Simply reverse on the software right? Nope, that flips the x axis after it homes and I have the same problem again. Very odd that the panel direction affects the homing sequence

Not really, since we are all really clueless about how it ‘really’ works internally. It could be a very simple switch that is just not easy to find. Or it may be some type of operation that it’s programmed for we are un aware of… or it could simply be broken…

For something so simple, these things have so many ways to configure them…

Good luck


Can’t you invert keypad direction independent of overall axis direction?

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