Homing problem after Rotary axis

After test of my new rotary axis, the machine coordinates go to X10000 Y10000, and can’t go home. The machine is 60W with 700 x 500 work area / black and red /, RDLC - V8.01.62.
When I reset the machine, it start from X10000 Y10000 and try to go home but don’t stop in the end positions??? Where did I go wrong for this 10k coordinates?

That 10,000 X & Y is what Ruida controllers start with when they are not properly homed - homing is what zeros those numbers. Check to make sure you didn’t bump the limit switches, pop a wire to one of them, or something like that, and make sure that you turned off the Rotary Enable switch.

In the controller itself, there’s a menu called “Diagnoses” which will show you the state of all the inputs (the limit switches, door switch, water protect, etc). Press Z/U to enter the menu, cursor down to Diagnoses, and it will show the state of all the switches in real time. Jog the machine to where the one of the switches should be activating and you can test to make sure it’s working.

Thanks for the assistance. I checked all limit switches and reset the X and Y axes. When I start the machine normally (without rotary axis) everything is fine. When I turn on the rotary axis (I turn off the Y first and then switch on the rotary coupling). When I start the machine, it goes home. I push Esc on machine, to stop going home. Coordinates become 10000, not 0.
I set the position on X and start an engraving file. The first text is fine. When I start a second engraving, the text is shifted by X and each next engraving is shifted by X. Where do I go wrong in adjusting the rotary axis? I try to upload a pic.
Thanks in advance for your help!

Three things to investigate

  1. Are you changing from flat to rotary and then writing back to the controller what setting you want?
  2. When you change to rotary and back to flat are doing the plug change with the machined powered down? It should be powered down.
  3. When you change to rotary are you moving the gantry toward the back then away then back again to set zero when using the rotary? (when using the rotary the gantry cannot move and therefore will not zero.)

Yes, this is normal and expected, because you have removed the ability for the machine to home itself on the Y axis. This won’t have anything to do with the shifting along the X axis - that looks like it might be the item slipping in the rotary - is that possible?

What I do:

  1. Turn on the machine and set XY on some place for rotary.
  2. Turn off the machine and change plug from Y to Rotary and plug rotary in machine.
  3. Turn on the machine and press Esc when machine start homing.
  4. Reseting X and go to position for engraving.
  5. Start engraving and it’s good, but when I want to slow down speed a little, after changing speed, engraving go somewhere.
    For the moment, I set speed 5mm/s and it work Ok.

Blockquotethat looks like it might be the item slipping in the rotary - is that possible?

No, it’s not possible. It is 3 jaw chuck.

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