Honeycomb hold down?

Forgive me if this has been answered, but I’m stuck…

I tried this, but no luck. The holes are too big and the pins, at scale, didn’t hold.

Upgraded from Glowforge to a Boss. With the Glowforge, the honeycomb bed is pretty sturdy and the holes are small–there are pins you can cut from birch that can be used to pin a piece of wood down. If there’s a slight warp to the wood, this is enough to keep things in focus.

On the Boss, the honeycomb supplied has bigger holes and it’s flimsy. I’ve tried some bench clamps, but they don’t work well. I tried to use some clamps around the edges, but the laser head sometimes moves rapidly and will hit them.

Is there a standard or useful way to get the birch ply to stay level on the bed? Should I replace the honeycomb with something else?

Thanks all.

You can use this example as a starting point and scale and customize it in LightBurn, it worked for me.

Holddown.lbrn2 (13.3 KB)

Standard way: Hold the corners/ends down with thin magnets
Flip the board if it’s bowed up?
Everything must clear your nozzle if it’s that close.
I’m sure there are other methods but not sure anything holds down the center.

They look better like the ones I made, I have to try them :wink:

I have mentioned it in another context, in certain situations it is also possible to use long wood screws and screw the plates through the honeycomb / knife bed (without hitting both!) And use wood residues on the underside. It just requires that you have control over your design / layout.

Now I have played again :wink:
I have so many leftovers, scraps lying around that I could not bother to throw out … Now I use them!
The material is 3 and 4 mm plywood and Ø6mm ash or beech round log, I have also tried with 4x4mm plywood as a replacement for round logs but it is not so good.
It is important that there is a certain angle for the log to hold in the honeycomb bed.

I think 8mm round log will fit the task even better, but I have nothing in the workshop of this diameter.

For me, these are the best holders I have tried in addition to power magnets and they are pretty much free.

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magnificent, thank you