Honeycomb table cleaned and is like new! Wow

I cut so much plywood over the last two days that my honeycomb surface was completely dark brown, sticky, and smelled horrible. I couldn’t even keep it in the shop because of the odor.

Purple Power to the rescue!


Ah, liquid smoke. :wink: I have seen some nasty ones. One guy was engraving pumpkins, did over 200 last year. That was a mess to clean up after but smelled like pumpkin pie.

Grill Cleaner & Pressure Washer … here we go :smiley:

What’s involved in removing the honeycomb? I’ve not looked too closely but it seems that it’s not as simple as a few bolts holding a frame.

4 screws on mine.

Mine just slides right in and out. I have a slat table and a honeycomb table and the frame of both basically just sit on the ledge in my laser and can switch them out as needed. Guess it just depends on the Laser machine that you have specifically.

My honeycomb “table” is an insert that is easily installed it taken out. It rests on top of the bar table.



Thanks for the reply. The redsail clone is clearly different in that the honeycomb is the primary table and is integrated into the mechanism. Shucks and by golly.