Hooking up engraving rollors to a laser

How do you hook up a Jinsoku Laser Rotary for Laser Engraver Laser Cutter, Laser Rotary Roller Attachment, Y-axis Rotary Roller Engraving Module for Laser Engraving, for Cylindrical Objects, Wine Glass, Tumblers, Pens to a Genmitsu Jinsoku LC-40 10W Optical Power Laser Engraver with Laser Rotary, High Accuracy Laser Engraving Machine for Wood, Metal?


I would hope the manufacturer would advise you of how to attach and use their rotary?


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It’s funny you should say that.

Most of the roller rotary tools plug a stepper motor into the control board.
The Macro in the manual is the key but that’s a new one by me.

In the rotary manual, they strongly imply that flashing the firmware of the engraver is one of the required steps.

In the manual, Genmitsu wrote “Use the included cable” and they do not say USB cable.

I do not know it they are sending USB compliant serial data to the roller rotary, If they are sending control signals to a stepper motor driver in the roller rotary, or if they are sending power through four power leads in their included cable directly to a motor in the rotary. I’d love to open one to find out.

I did not see an instruction that said Unplug the Y-Axis motor and I did not see a way that the presence of this type of cable could interrupt or disable the Y-Axis

I’m offering the following guess. The Firmware update may change the output pins from the microcontroller to the stepper driver - This effectively shuts off the Y-Axis and could assign that data to pins used to control to the roller rotary.

The bothersome point for me is that there is no advice in the instruction manual on removing the rotary device or shutting it down afterward.

This fellow on Youtube explains that the firmware for the LC-40 has to be re-flashed when disconnecting the rotary. The firmware links are available below the video.