Hope my laser tubes not stuffed

So today my water temp went very high now when i cut 3mm ply at 8mm sec at 80 % power it bearlycuts through

How high is high for the water temp? I would be surprised if this messed up the tube unless the water actually stopped circulating completely. Have you re checked the mirror alignment?


I think I’ll have to do the alignment and see

If the water went over 40C, or near to 40C, you may be buggered.

What colour is the anode end cap?

Just realigned everything and tested at 7mm sec at 80 power still crap

Do you still see the pinky coloured flash when the tube is running? Does the current draw through the tube say about the same a s normal (18mA ish). If you have a test fire button on the power supply, can you press that and see if the beam strength looks good or bad? If you put a business card in the way of the beam before the optics does it burn a 6mm hole in it instantly (be careful here!) It’s not looking good for you if this happened suddenly but it’s worth checking everything in case it’s a coincidence that you seemed to lose power after the temp rise.
Best of luck


So if I burns a 6 mm hole that’s bad is it. Also seams I be arcing on edition earth in tube

No, the unfocused beam is about 6mm dia. The test really just removes miss aligned, damaged optics from the equation. If the tube is generating power itself, then the problem lies either in the control or optics. Just a matter of breaking the problem down into parts. Arcing isn’t good! That could eventually damage the PSU. Can you post a video of that?

I’ll post video in morning

Ok, Maybe check the connections to the tube WITH THE POWER OFF! The wire might be just held on by the sleeve.

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