Hoping someone can help me out

So I set my x,y, zero to the lower left corner, (as I always do)
Hit the run button and the laser wants to come straight to the front of the machine.
I use it regularly and have not seen this problem before.
I sure that Im missing something, but I just don’t know what.
Is there something going on with this file that I’m
CRITICAL HIT.lbrn (319.7 KB)
not seeing?
J-Tech 7 watt mounted on an X carve CNC.
When I run the preview it starts from the lower left as it should.

So I just took a file that I ran earlier this week, imported the DXF that I want and renamed it.
Its now running perfectly.
If someone can see whats wrong with this file, I would appreciate the feedback

When i opened the file it had quite an offset to it.

Hi John.
Thanks for the reply.
I just reopened the file.
Why am I not seeing that?

You’re working in inches… :slight_smile:
and your engraver has a larger work area than mine.

Looks like you set user origin for this. Is that intentional? If not, then you may want to switch and try.

Yes. I always use - user origin.
I do my design work in Vectric and draw my material boundaries.
That gives me the correct X Y start location for the laser.

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