Horizontal Command, like in Fusion

Finally starting to draw in Lightburn. So you draw a line, not horizontal. Looked as far as I could see for a command to edit it to horizontal such as in Fusion. I know it’s there, I’m just stepping over it.


  1. Select line tool
  2. Click once
  3. Hold shift key while pointing to desired location. Shift key will lock to set angles including horizontal
  4. Click once to set second point.

That worked for me, for a fresh line. I was wanting edit one already drawn.

LightBurn is not parametric so won’t work like Fusion that way. There are techniques you could use to edit the line horizontal but not in that way.

Example. Draw a temporary line horizontal line. Drag one node of temporary reference line to one end of askew line. In node edit mode drag the node at the other end up until it snaps to the line of the reference line.

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