Horizontal lines and not filling


This is a new machine and I’m new to the program. But have worked with Zing for 7yrs with 42 machines. On here it engraves with horizontal lines on every type of engraving I’m trying to, even on glass and wood it comes up. I went through and aligned all of the mirrors, tightened up all the loose screws and checked the belts. The eyes are clean as well. On another forum I saw it state that the motor was not plugged in, as far as I see in this machine everything is plugged in.

Any suggests would really help!

Thank you

Your interval setting is very large - 0.1mm is the default (10 lines per mm). Lower that back to the default and you should get much cleaner results.

It also looks like your scanning offsets are off, or incorrect. Thunder includes them on a card that you enter into LightBurn, so I would check that too.

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