Horizontal Lines, Banding and Wavy graphics When Engraving

I started to get horizontal lines while engraving, almost like the lines are caused by too high of power, or the laser head moves up or down. I test engraved two vertical bars from bottom to top on a single piece of wood on both sides of the cutting area. If you see the pic provided, the lines are consistent at the same spots on both ends of the laser cutting area. I tried to clean the belts, bearings and pulleys, and tightened the belts with no improvement. Another problem is that I am getting wavy lines through some graphics as seen in the other pic. I have a Chinese, 80W Co2 cutting area 1200x900 with a Trocen-AWC controller. I’m also finding that wherever I start the engraving, the lines start about an inch from the bottom of the engraving no matter what where I move the engraving project in the work area. Could this be a software issue or hardware?

If i had to guess i would say you have some belt Slip, missed steps
What is odd is the spacing between the lines seems quite consistent
Have you verified your rails/belts for damage some dirt in the driving sproket itself?

On your 2nd image againt it looks like a few steps missed it even warped your straight lines.

I was sort of thinking the same thing. Today I loosened the belts and inspected them along with the bearings etc. It seemed pretty clean with no debris. Belt and rails looks good. The steps in the belt are nice, no damage. The rails and belts are CCM, which seem to be a good quality system. I really thought this would clear it up by inspecting, cleaning and tightening. Now thinking Power supply or maybe a my tube may be going out. The tube may be a few years old, but the amount of hour usage is relatively low. The horizontal lines almost look like too much power fired on those particular lines.

So I think I have a breakthrough on this problem. I realigned my mirrors, which I did before, but seemed a little off when I checked again. I ran a test bar and that improved the line somewhat. They were more subtle. I had heard about lowering the value for the “Engraving Acceleration”, thought maybe the jerking action at the higher speed could be a problem. Also, the laser having to fire much more quickly on each turnaround. So in Light Burn I went under Edit - Machine Settings - and scrolled down to Engraving Acceleration. Just to see more drastic results I lowered it from 8,000 down to 2,000. While the passes go longer and further out than the engraving edge, it definitely produces less jerking back and forth motion. Projects take a bit longer, but I think it will definitely help the wear and tear of the mechanics. Hopefully this holds for a while and improves my engraving. I’ll move the acceleration back up incrementally as long as the lines stay away. I’ll update any other progress.

So back to square one. After getting some improvements, I ran a job and wavy lines and horizontal lines again. This time it’s more extreme. I’m thinking it looks like the y axis advancement after engraving a line isn’t moving up after each pass, and it’s re-engraving the same line, which is likely how the deeper lines are getting there.

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