Hotkeys from Keypad

Anyone luck with assigning a Keypad (number block etc) to Hotkeys ?
I know it jogs when set to “numberlock” - but with numlock of I would like to set Hotkeys. Wont do it - always says “un-modified charakter key” - I dont want to add an modifier.
Yes - remap via software - No - it should be simple and always working.

Reason is - Id like to have a few, quick, designated buttons direkt on the laser - no fiddling with the mouse or keyboard.
Stream Deck would be overkill

By the way - are Macros assignable to Hotkeys ?


Though this actually doesn’t answer your question: If stream deck is overkill, but you like to tinker a little, I have this small project for you ($10 in parts):

I use the small keypad very often since I finished it :slight_smile: went into my routine.

Yes you wont believe it - I came across your Hotkey Keyboard before :wink:
I was considering this “Hardware” Solution as well - but then Ill do it with a little Digispark ATTiny85 instead of an Arduino (did this already for another purpose)

But like you said - It doesnt help with positioning the laser via a Hotkey (triggered by what soever) - Macros are not Hotkey assignable (as far as I know)

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