How can I add and delete nodes to a figure?

I would like to access the features of adding a node, delete a node, etc., but I have not been able to do so. I am working with a Windows 11 Laptop, what keys do I need to press to add, delete or modify nodes? Thank you in advance

Use the ‘Edit Nodes’ tool and use the keys you see displayed in the tool-tip. Once in Edit Node, hover over a node or segment, then hit one of the keys listed. D key to delete, or I to insert a node, and so on.

This is worth review: Node Editing - LightBurn Software Documentation :slight_smile:

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… try No.2 video

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Thanks, really interesting link you sent me. However my problem is that the hot keys calls for this symbol ⌘ , and My keyboard does not have it. I am using Windows 10, how do I use the hit keys and use the ⌘?

On a windows keyboard it is the ‘ctrl’ button

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For instance, to smooth a node, I tried control “s” but nothing is happening. Do I need to press Ctrl, / and tab simultaneously?

You press Ctrl+ or Command+ to enter the Edit Nodes mode.

All the other keys are just pressed by themselves when in Edit Nodes mode. If you are working with native shapes, like a circle or square you drew in LightBurn, you have to convert those to a path object first. Select a shape, right click, and choose ‘Convert to Path’. If a shape is grouped, you have to un-group it first to work with nodes.

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The key command with the ctrl is to get to the edit nodes tool.

After that, you just press one of the letter key shortcuts without the control.

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I don’t know what you mean by ‘figure’.
If you aren’t working on a path with nodes you may not have access to those features.

Is it an image file or a bit map that you’re working from?

mac Symbol
It was this symbol…I was pressing CTRL plus the letter to edit/add/smooth nodes and nothing was happening even after “edit image,” but Oz and Patricr got it!! Thanks everyone!!!

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