How can I burn a reversed image?

I want to reverse an image for burning away the silvering on the back of a mirror so it shows up the correct way round when viewed from the front. I mirrored my design and in preview it shows up how I want it, but when I burn it, it comes out wrong (not mirrored).I am using an Xtool D1 pro diode laser machine.

When you burn regular items not intended for a mirror do they show as mirrored from what you intend?

Funny you should ask that. I used another image to burn a mirror, but as there was no text involved I did not flip it. The image burnt the correct way, left and right, but it was upside down (the top was facing the front and the bottom was facing the rear of the machine frame. Is it something to do with the origin I have chosen?

Very likely. xTool D1 Pro should have origin at top-left. However, this implies that you did not use the .lbdev file provided by xTool to setup your laser. I’d suggest recreating the device using the .lbdev file as it also provides other configurations specific to your machine.

Use LightBurn to Operate xTool D1 Pro – xTool

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Thanks for your quick response. I did use the lbdev file to set up the machine and the origin was set to top left. But as I was experimenting trying to get it to burn the design within the framed area ( it was burning the design outside the framed area initially), I changed it around by clicking the job origin points in the laser window. The problem only seemed to arise after I flipped the image by using the mirror tool. Does the mirror tool affect the origin as well as the image?

Job origin in Laser window should not factor into any flipping of the design. Only machine origin setting in Device Settings.

If you’re referring to the horizontal or vertical flip then no, this does not affect origin. It should burn in the orientation you see on screen.

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