How can I dock Layers/Cuts window again

I undocked the layers/cuts window to take a screenshot, and now I can’t figure out how to dock it again on MacOS. Is there a trick? I’ve tried to make the windows full screen, small screen, wide pane, narrow pane, and everything else I can think of. Seems like dragging into the area where you want to dock is how it should work, but it will not dock no matter what I try.

Here is a short clip of some of the things I’ve tried.

2022-09-12 14.37.34

It might be worth trying to reset to default layout.
‘Window’ drop down then ‘Reset to default layout’ top option

I see so windows are not dockable. Sorry, I expected it was dockable since I could undock it. It is back in the right place now. Some disappeared (not sure which), but at least the cut/layer is back where it belongs.

They are dockable, I’ve never needed to change the layout, but this may help

How is that different than the video I sent above? Isn’t that what I was doing? Looks like the video you sent had a hard time docking cuts/layer window too. Wonder why?

It’s possible you may not have been dwelling on the window for long enough to trigger the docking animation. Worst case, “Window” → “Reset to Default Layout” will restore the layout you had when you first installed LightBurn, docked windows included.

If you want to revisit the docking I think what’s happening is possibly 2 things:

  1. You need to keep a hold of the title bar as you’re hovering. It looks like you’re releasing the mouse button.
  2. While holding the title bar, move the location where the mouse pointer is located over the center of the window pane that you want to dock to. I believe it’s specifically the mouse point location that’s relevant, not the title bar itself. Hover until the window pane turns blue, then release mouse button.

I think it must be a software bug. Now the window docks just fine and I did nothing different.

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