How can I get thicker letters?

I’ve turned on bold - Using AP laser, 30 watt, DSP controller, Ruida

Next: convert to path, then offset outward for More Chunky.

Which eliminates the ability to edit the characters as text.

If that’s a problem, you must pick a different typeface with built-in Black / Heavy / Extra Bold fonts.

Use Offset either inward or outward, or both. Select the “Delete original” before processing.

Or create the text you want in another application, then copy and paste it in LighBurn.

Where do I go to to select “convert to path” and off set ?

To the doc!

Ok _ I selected path now where is chunky ?

That’s how much offset you apply to the path created around the letterforms.

If your letters are 10 mm tall, embiggening them by 0.5 mm would be super-chunk style.

If they started at 50 mm, then an offset of 5 mm might suffice.

Basically, play around with Offset until you like what you see.

Undo (Ctrl-Z) is my co-pilot for stuff like that …

Ok, that put a shape around the words which is kinda interesting !!!
Is there a way to actually make the lines on the wording thicker ?

I’m not sure what you mean. A picture of the desired result would help.

Applying an offset to the path makes the letter strokes thicker / wider, which seems to be what you want.

If you apply too much offset, adjacent letters will merge and produce peculiar effects that may not be what you want.

Dink around with offsets from tiny to huge and see what happens.

ok, thanks !!

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