How can i implement a speed controlled AIR assist, dashed lines?

Hi, how its possible to use a Speed Controlled Air Assist ?

Doesn’t support Lightburn
dashed lines ?

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ok dashed lines called in Lightburn perforation mode

Do you mean an air assist with variable pressure (or flow) based on the cutting speed?

That would require support from the laser controller, which seems unlikely, as well as LightBurn, which currently supports a per-layer Air control.

GRBL controllers repurpose the commands used in CNC machines to turn flood coolant on and off, so there’s no concept of proportional control at all.

Ruida controllers have a digital output to turn the air assist on and off, again without proportional control.

You can readily implement a dual-flow air assist that provides a low flow when engraving and a higher flow when cutting, which seems be satisfactory for most folks. I installed those parts in my CO₂ laser a while ago:

As the saying goes, you may also like Dot Mode:

I mean only adjustible , in intensity

like the Spindle Control, my Controller Fuid NC based support Analog Outputs

custom GCode at Layer change would be cool, so its possible to implement this for me.
But at this moment i don’t have compressed Air and i don’t know if i really need this

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