How can I locate my license key on a Mac or PC machine?

So, we have 7 Boss lasers, which include licenses.
The problem is we need to upgrade one or two licenses (we’re adding fiber control and want to I want to upgrade the correct license), but I’ve not been able to locate the license on the Mac version, to get it upgraded on my account. On the Windows box, I’ve been able to copy/paste it.
Am i missing something?

I’m not sure how you’ve done this but I don’t believe the license key is ever visible from within the application.

You would need to reference your original emails for the key. If you have a different license on each computer and asking this question I assume you haven’t stored an association of the key to each computer.

If you login to the license portal you should be able to see all activations and the license associated to the activations. There should be enough information there to identify the computer the activation is on to be able to relate to the key.

So Boss sent me licenses with each machine. how do i combine these all to a single account, or view them? I fear that ive gotten them tied into different IDs, but don’t know how to find it…
Turns out I’ve got one license installed on a device, but have upgraded a different license to galvo…
how cna I get this resolved?

If you have a very complex scenario you may want to send an email to Provide as much information as you have such as emails potentially associated with the keys and how they were originally purchased.

They may be able provide an easier way managing this for you but I’m not aware of anything specific.

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