How can I overlay this image on top of the other one

Hey guys, I’m trying to overlay an image on top of another. I need to make the stars behind the badge disappear, can anybody help?? image|666x500

Remove all the stars completely covered by the big star. Ungroup the big star. Select the outer outline, copy it, regroup, then paste and align with the original shape. Use boolean subtraction to cut away the portion of the small stars that intersect the big one, one at a time.

I would also, after copying the outline and regrouping, change the colour and hide the original object layer - it’s a lot easier to work that way.

Oh yea and another thing, all the small stars are joined together…

And all the lines and shapes that make up the big star can’t be edited individually

Oh wait a minute, I get what your saying. Let me give it a try, thanks!


have you read the docs on boolean operations?

this may help:

Got it! Thanks so much!

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