How can I pan the work area on a machine with a touchpad?

On a Microsoft Surface, it has the precision touchpad. I can set it up so that a three-finger tap simulate clicking the middle mouse button, but you still can’t click and drag to pan the work area. Is there a way around this? (Other than an external mouse.)

This is a sore spot for a lot of people and an often requested feature to enable multi-touch moves. This doesn’t exist today.

There are a few different ways to navigate around but the easiest for you is probably to press spacebar + left mouse click and drag (or on the touchpad in your case).

Another potential workaround is to use 2-finger zoom-out and zoom-in to get to where you want to go.

Thanks for the response. I was using the zoom technique, but it’s tedious. Wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. I will try the space bar deal. Did not know about that.

Cross with arrows in the toolbar is the Pan/Drag tool

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Not sure how I missed that…

Our documentation is worth review, Zooming, Panning, Selection - LightBurn Software Documentation