How can i skew a rectangle or object

Hi Guys
need some advice info:
i am designing a model rail retaining wall for a client, i have several nice finished files, but this person wants a tapered wall.
this means for instance i need a rectangle 60mm one side and 10 mm lower the far side, however i have tried to skew the rectangle by editing the nodes, and i can do that BUT the line is severly stepped, i have even tried to break apart the rectangle ( which i can do) and rotate the top to match the lower side,( its hit and miss and not easy to marry up the lines but doable , but it still ends up stepped slightly.
given that i need so additional detail inserted for the wall like coping stones ornate boxes and such its not achievable as ALL the lines are not straight they step across the length
is there a way of skewing lines and making them parallel without the distorting the lines? or do i have to do this in another programme

also just as a further point can i snap align a base of one item to the top of another ? or do i just just have to manually do it
any help would be welcome, i am pretty ok with lightburn but this distorting of lines is beating me
regards guys
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What do you mean by “stepped”? Can you elaborate? I can make a tapered rectangle trivially with node editing:

That took about 15 seconds, using the pen tool, and letting the software snap the nodes to either the grid or the other shapes. (older versions of LightBurn may not have all the snapping tools of the current versions)

There is slight variation in the line ie its not a perfectly straight
Its more noticeable if i try to build up the design with a wall and ornate blocks running parallel to the top, if you put a rectangle inside your design aprox 2mm from the top line full width and say 10mm wide and run a row of smaller blocks inside to mimic stone work group them and rotate it to the same angle/skew as the taper youll see what i mean it all goes a bit wonky
I just wondered if there was a tool to create a parelell, which would make it eaiser.
ill upload a image oz when i can, but it is prob not going to notice tbh
I loaded the file into inkscape as a svg and it dosent look as bad so ime going to cut it and see,
Thanks for posting tho it is much apprecieated
Ill try and get the image posted
What format and size can i upload? Pdf,jpg as the lightburn file was to big.

You can zip and email the LightBurn project file to, just include a link to this thread so we know what it’s related to.

Uploading: steves tapered wall test2.lbrn… tapered wall test

ive tried to load it to dropbox if it dosent work ill zip and post it

Do you have your rendering in “coarse” mode? In the Window menu, click Wireframe / Smooth.

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